‘The Materialization of Ideas’ – is a subject I am extremely interested in –
and I suppose that is one of the main reasons why I chose architecture.
It raises the question of what we think of materiality and it deals with scale.
A precise thought, the interdependency of distance, perception and illusion, as well as the border zones between reality and vision, all relate to materiality.
I am interested in an architecture in which facades as limits are no longer important and spaces come into being, whether closed or open.

Cities which have an understanding of Salsa, as a metaphor for a certain mode of movement in space, where vertical densification is happening, where sirens are mixed into the sound of urban clips, where urban features, which were never of interest to this kind of observation, are becoming ex- and interchangeable, no matter if they are complex or simple of nature.

In every city architecture has different effects and confronts you in different ways.
That’s why I am excited at the possibility to work in architecture in a city,
which consists of a multi-layered, diversified urban structure that works as multicultural organism.

Projecting this idea of urbanism into another scale from which to draw comparisons between the arts and architecture of Los Angeles and other worldcities would be amazing. As Los Angeles follows experimental paths not only in film and music,
but also in architecture, I think Los Angeles is the perfect place in which to deal with these confrontations and to take it up as a approach for the development of projects.
I would be excited to be exposed to new situations and work close with other disciplines because this for me seems to be the way to arrive at new concepts.