19_SWO: Nigha, Eco Resort Westin Himalayas

19_SWO: Nigha, Eco Resort Westin Himalayas

Location: Himalayas, Nepal
Project Year: 2020
Project Team: Christoph a. Kumpusch, Krishna Shrestha, Xindi Wang, Yuheng Wu

Engineering: Meinhardt Group Singapore
Developer: IEG Pvt. Ltd.

SWO: Nigha in the Himalayas of Nepal, is a 17-acre eco-complex that re-imagines off-grid living and working. 

52 homes in 5 different typologies ranging from apartments, to mountain and lake villas, as well as serviced tents are situated in the mountain chain of the Himalayas. The terrain is left completely unscathed and without modifications. Instead, the buildings and structures are in direct conversations with the climate and its surroundings: they emerge, or are submerged, rising from the ground or dipping into it, elevated from the context or integrated within it.

5000 sq ft of space are reserved for creative work, grouped equally as indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing spatial variations in the resort. Below ground, 42 deep wells are responsible for heating and cooling needs while the solar farm produces the entirety of the resort’s electrical needs making it the first off-grid resort in the region.

Pools are stream-fed, fog catchers and deep wells are a source for local water needs. Above ground, there is a restaurant and a stargazing pavilion, with its roof holding a cricket court. Two tennis courts and a badminton court occupy the roofs of the hilltop structures. A resort farm provides on-site produce and adds to the self-sufficiency and communal outreach of the project. Organizationally, a trans-disciplinary financing structure allows for several options of ownership and ensures socioeconomic and demographic diversity.



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