Location: MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles, CA
Project Year: 2019
Project Team: Christoph a. Kumpusch, Youmna Chlala, Khoa Vu, Morgan Starkey, Cymaticslab, Vitor Eiji, Audrey Marie Dandenault, Jennifer Olshin Technical consultant: Ky Vu Graphics: Christof Lang / restmuell

As urban sites adjust to fluxing climates, we offer extraction as a strategy for uncovering future possibilities. 

We imagine a process much like desalination where salt is left behind. We consider the sludge. What affect does it have on its original environment? What do the vibrations reveal? What do the patterns foretell? In Salt Works: Site 1 we begin in a suspended garage-space in Los Angeles. The sounds are under water and earth, taken from within the space itself and from multiple LA typologies and topologies. In the space of the gallery, temporal encounters create new associations as we imagine new ways of moving through the shifting ground. We engage variations of scale including the urban, intimate and infinite. They are absorbed and invented, appear and disappear: . • 1:100 • 1:25000 • 1:20 • 3:1 • 1:50 • 1:500 • 1:50000 • 2:1 • 1:1 • 1: ∞ …INFINITY (∞), along with its symbol ∞, is not a number and it is not a place. There is no limit to its values. We then say that the values become infinite, or tend to infinity – a limit is a number.

There is no number that we can name.

SALT WORKS proposes a speculative field of what remains.



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